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XponenC Offerings

Why XponenC

Our belief is that given the right nudges and support people have the potential to achieve exponential results. As an extension we believe organizations that invest in those “nudges” and “support” build those “exponential” mindsets that will achieve those exponential results.

We at XponenC help build the “nudges” and “support” ecosystems helping companies achieve beyond expected growth and profitability.

Our Team

Deepali Paul


Arti Kris


Smita Kapoor


Clients Speak

We were looking to expand, we were looking to break through our normal rate of growth, we were looking to grow 33% in a tough year, and we realized that we need help mentoring and guiding. In XponenC, we found a perfect coach that held our hand and made us reach our audacious goal. The XponenC team with their training, self-discovery, planning, individualized coaching modules together with holding us accountable and never giving up on us made us achieve what we all were convinced was unachievable.

Navneet Chugh
Managing Partner, Chugh LLP

*clients of our parent company KelpHR

C O A C H.   C O N N E C T.   C O L L A B O R A T E.   C R E A T E .

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