Coaching and Mentoring

Call it whatever they are a powerful nudge to help our people achieve results,
increase engagement with the company and overall life satisfaction.

XponenC Coaching & Mentor Certification

Convert your employees to coaches & mentors and make them available for your employees from basic presentation skills coaching, to being new employee buddies to life and career coaching!

XponenC Coach certification is a simple, powerful program that is based on deep listening, understanding cognitive biases, and developing a personal coaching framework with live coaching feedback by our Master Coaches. The coaching will be aligned to your company’s core values and culture.

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XponenC Mentor Certification

Our definition of mentoring is skill based eg. Presentation skills, Negotiation skills, organizational skills. From employee induction, to new role initiation and specific skill bases mentoring this is a powerful channel for companies to leverage the “informal tribal knowledge”.

This certification program helps people share their knowledge and skills without letting their expertise come in the way.

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XponenC Coaching/Mentoring Program

Small and Medium Business are the engines that drive our economies. Our consulting practice works closely with the founders and small business owners from strategy coaching to sales coaching to leadership coaching to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consulting in pay as you use consulting assignments with senior execs.

We bring lessons learnt from large and medium corporations tuned to size and relevance for small and medium business.

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XponenC CM Platform – in the making

A simple technology platform that connects with your HRMS platform and allows you to run from selection, certification, communication and the actual coaching/mentoring conversations.

If you wish to be an alpha customer (initial set of customers that will help define and build the platform) please click here for a conversation.

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