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Serial entrepreneur – hotels, conference management, interiors to trailing spouse to HR market place – Deepali has dabbled with a variety of interests. She is passionate about setting up small companies and seeing them through to maturity. She is the co-founder of KelpHR and We are Pistachio.

– Deepali Paul


Artist, Blogger and one time Sales Professional. Took time off to bring up a son and work with children in public schools in India, is now discovering a second coming with XponenC. She is passionate about building a happy world one coaching conversation at a time and helping companies and professionals live a purposeful life.

– Arti Kris


Cofounder and CEO of KelpHR , one time HR professional but now a passionate Sales and growth advocate. She is focused on creating safe workplaces, gender agnostic & fair prevention of workplace and sexual harassment policies and practices. She sits on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment Committees of 25 companies in addition to running an all woman powered company.

– Smita Kapoor


C O A C H.   C O N N E C T.   C O L L A B O R A T E.   C R E A T E .

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