Prevention of Sexual & Workplace Harassment Training and Certification

Our Fully Compliant Training Is Designed To Reduce Such Incidents, Provide Timely Caution
& Help Your Employees Imbibe The Correct Norms And Behavior.

The Problem

In the connected, social and fast paced world, companies can be tripped up by one employee stepping out of line or doing something inadvertently. Whatever we do, this risk is ever present.

Incidents such as can bring down companies and severely distract founders and CEOS from running their companies, serving customers and growing! Untoward incidents will also severely erode brand, reputation and negatively impact on employees and customers.

The Solution

Our solution is designed to reduce such incidents, provide timely caution & help your employees imbibe the correct norms and behavior. As a secondary benefit a record of such training will also help minimize impact should an unfortunate incident happen.

Our experts can also help you write your policy, audit your existing policy, help you set up a complaints committee, set up confidential hotline and also provide you experienced mediators.

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What to Expect

  • Prices that are ridiculously low
  • Certified by a reputed law firm
  • English, Spanish or any language that you want to deliver the content in
  • Completion and certification records available incase of litigation
  • Contextualized content – for your industry, your company and your values
  • Delivered on a secure mobile app, desktop or in a virtual training whatever works for your staff

C O A C H.   C O N N E C T.   C O L L A B O R A T E.   C R E A T E .

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